What is it?

Audiobook Boom is the best way to give away your ACX, Downpour, Author's Republic or Findaway codes to interested listeners. Every Tuesday morning, an email goes out to a couple thousand eager audiobook listeners. They express an interest in your book and you give it to them by sending one of your codes. The purpose is twofold:

  1. Find new listeners who may not know of your work! Get them hooked on your series so they'll tell others. Word of mouth is huge!

  2. Get reviews! We ask all recipients to write reviews on Audible, Amazon and/or Good Reads.

What types of ads can I place?

Listen & Review - Need to give away your codes to interested listeners? Send them to our list of subscribers! We let you take care of the sending and tracking so that you know who has the codes, who redeems them, who wrote a review and who didn't.  How you distribute the codes is up to you.

Note: you do NOT need to give away all your codes. Nor do you need to have all 25 of them. How many you give is completely up to you. Only want to give 5 of them away? That's totally up to you!

How much does it cost?

$10 per title

What do I get for that?

You get a listing with your cover, a 75 word blurb (you provide), the author/narrator names, running time, star rating, PLUS an email every time someone requests a book as well as a spreadsheet backup. Not bad for only $10. 

What do I do when someone requests a Listen & Review copy?

Easy. You send them one of your codes via email with instructions provided by Audible when they sent you the codes. Note that we do not send codes for you. This allows you to have full control over where the codes go and track if the title is being reviewed. Make sure that you have both US and UK codes! They are region specific, so if you need more of either, email support@acx.com.

Does your service work with Findaway, Authors Republic or Downpour codes?

Absolutely, but note that listeners won’t be able to leave reviews on Audible unless they use ACX codes. So when you give the code to the prospective listeners, let them know where you’d like for them to leave the review: Good Reads, Amazon, a blog, whatever.

How do I gift a book?

Unfortunately, Audible has disabled the gifting of audiobooks, so you'll need to send the codes directly. Feel free to contact Audible support on facebook and Twitter and let them know how you feel about that.

How many subscribers do you have?

We have around 7000 subscribers and are growing quickly. But the really good news is that because the list is grown organically and is made up of audiobook lovers who double-opted in, there should be no bots or spammers. As a result, we have about a 35% open rate and an 12% click rate. This is unheard of in typical mass mailings, so you can be sure that your book is being placed in front people who actually want it.

What if I don't have all 25 codes? Can I only give away a few?

You may give away as many or as few codes as you like. Our listeners know they are not guaranteed a title. When you are done giving out codes, just ignore any further requests.

Do you ever reject books?

Sadly, yes. 9 times out of 10 this is because the cover is either horrible or is the default ACX cover. If your cover looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint, we will refund your money and won't list it. Same goes for any audiobooks using the default colored square with text that ACX provides if you don't have a cover. C'mon, do this. Your book won't sell without a cover and you can buy a nice pre-made one for under $50. Google it.

Do you offer a guarantee?

No. We now have almost 7000 subscribers. So if your title is not getting at least 5 requests, then chances are the book fits a small demographic, is a topic that doesn't have broad appeal, etc. It could also be something as simple as your cover not drawing interest. None of those are within our control. To help you figure out if the service is worth your investment, here's the subscriber breakdown (approximate number of subscribers):

  • Mystery - 2600

  • Thriller - 2500

  • Romance - 1500

  • Fantasy Romance - 1400

  • Historical Fiction - 1600

  • Historical Romance - 1200

  • Literary Fiction - 1500

  • Women's Fiction - 1300

  • African-American Fiction - 300

  • Religious Fiction - 500

  • Science Fiction - 2300

  • Fantasy - 2300

  • Horror - 1300

  • Comedy - 1400

  • Westerns - 900

  • Young Adult - 1700

  • Children's - 600

  • Business - 800

  • Science and Technology - 800

  • General Nonfiction - 1300

  • History - 1200

  • Religious Nonfiction - 600

  • Biographies/Memoirs - 1400

  • Self-Help - 1000

  • True Crime - 1100

  • Classics - 1300

  • LGBT - 600

  • Erotica - 1100

We also do not guarantee that you will get a specific number of reviews. As with any review copies given out, a certain percentage will leave reviews and others won't.  


The Audiobook Boom email goes out Tuesday morning. To be included in that mailing, all submissions must be made by 9PM PST of the Friday before. Submissions after that will go in the following week's email.

Can I promote the same title again?

Yes, but we require that you wait 6 months to do so. Listeners want fresh content from week to week.

Ok, talk to me like I'm 5 and walk me through this. How does it work?

  1. You pay the $10.

  2. After paying, the system will direct you to a page to register your book. Do that. If the page doesn't redirect, don't worry. You'll always get an email with a link to register the title.

  3. A little later (usually the weekend before the newsletter), you'll get an informational email once this is loaded into our system. It can take a few days for this to happen. This email has crucial information PLUS a link to your spreadsheet with a list of people who requested your book. Don't disregard this email!

  4. On Tuesday, the email blast will feature your title. Make sure you are subscribed and have checked the genre preferences or you won't see your book. If your book is Erotica, for example, but you chose only to get titles in Religious Fiction, you won't see it.

  5. Once people start requesting free review copies of your book, you'll get an email AND the spreadsheet list will be updated automatically. Remember, the spreadsheet link is given to you in your welcome email.

  6. You start giving out however many codes you want to people who requested it.

  7. That's it! You're done! Hopefully you'll get lots of requests, some new listeners, and reviews!

Ready to get started? 

NOTE: Due to a pre-scheduled break, there will be NO MAILING on 12/25 OR 1/1/19! 

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Questions? Email us at info@audiobookboom.com