Welcome to Audiobook Boom! 

This site is owned and run by Jeffrey Kafer, an established audiobook narrator with over 500 titles to his credit. He stumbled upon the idea of Audiobook Boom when he saw the runaway success of similar services for ebooks such as BookBub, ebooksy, Fussy Librarian, etc. There was a shortage of places for people to promote their audiobooks.

Audiobook Boom was born. The goal of this service is to give listeners free and reduced price audiobooks and for author and publishers to promote their titles to audiobook lovers.

Listener FAQ

  • I have a question about this service. Whom can I contact?
    Go ahead and shoot Jeff an email directly at info@audiobookboom.com

  • When does the email go out?
    Tuesday mornings.

  • I only got a couple of books. Why didn't I see more in the email?
    Possibly because your genre preferences are too small. if you want more books, click the link in the email to update your categories and add a few more. Try something new!

  • Am I guaranteed to get a free audiobook?
    Nope. The distribution of titles is solely up to the Author/publisher. If you provide a link or two to places you review such as GoodReads or Audible on the form, then that helps the author/publisher decide if you're a good candidate for a free book. Quality is key in your reviews. Being an active audiobook blogger scores major points in your favor.

  • Do I have to write a positive review?
    Not if you didn't like it. We are only interested in unbiased, honest reviews. However, if you're a one-star troll that likes to eviscerate books without actually listening, then you may not get a book in the future. Don't be that guy.

  • How long have you been doing this?
    About 3 years. We hope to make this THE place for audiobooks lovers to get books and for authors to promote their new titles.

  • What do you do with the information I give you?
    See our Terms and Policies page.

  • You keep saying "Us" or "we" .....
    By that I mean, me, Jeffrey Kafer. At this point the "us" is just me and the voices in my head.