Every week, there is more than my ears can hold. With so many choices in genre and length being offered, I feel like I am in an auditory candy store when I prowl through the weekly Audiobook Boom newsletter. Adventure of every flavor awaits!
— Susan Voss, book blogger at Dab of Darkness
My Boom came today - it’s great! Very close to perfection, the matches to my preferences.... well done!
— D. Williams in New England
Audiobook Boom is a great way to reach new listeners. I’ve already heard customers who received my first book free and have since purchased the remaining books in my catalog!
David Wood, author of the Dane Maddock Adventures
I love Audiobook Boom! I have a long commute to work each day and the audiobooks I can get from them are never ending. I have started listening to a lot of different types of genres and I have also discovered quite a few new authors that I really enjoy listening to now. I recommend it for any audio-book fans.
— R. Tafeen
A mention on Audiobook Boom was just the push my newest thriller, High Risk, needed to get off the ground running. The author already has a following and he’s got some new fans, thanks to this clever marketing tool. I look forward to using Audiobook Boom for my next release!
Miles Taylor, narrator
I was very happy to discover Audiobook Boom! There are great choices and options. I have gotten several free audiobooks to review and have enjoyed doing the reviews. This is a wonderful resource.
— P. Hephner
I love Audiobook Boom! It’s great to find so many books to review in one place. I have found new authors and narrators to follow and keep me busy for a long time to come. Thank you!
— Deedra Kitchen -Winey
AudioBook Boom has given my pet books 9 more lives! My dog suspense novel LOST AND FOUND immediately received 7 requests, the nonfiction COMPLETE KITTEN CARE got 3 requests before the email announcement arrived in my inbox! Positive reviews continue to be posted, often with comments, “How did I miss this book before?” AudioBook Boom lets your book’s voice be heard. What a purr-fectly tail-wagging solution!
— Amy Shojai, CABC, author 30+ pet themed books (www.shojai.com)
I love the Audiobook Boom newsletter because not only do I keep up with what’s available to review, I also learn about Whispersync Deals and sales which make really cheap deals!
— T. Berg
Audiobook Boom allows the listener access to high quality audio productions at little or no cost, and provides immediate and specific feedback to the producers and authors. If you’re not utilizing this service you are truly missing out!
— P. Ellis
Audiobook Boom brings authors, narrators, and listeners together in one place to share what we all love. Audiobooks!
— T. Josephina
Audiobook Boom has introduced me to so many new books to review on my book blog and I have developed relationships with authors and narrators that I would never have met.
— Renee from HeySaidRenee
As a brand new narrator I’m always look for ways to improve. AudioBook Boom has gotten me an audience and the reviews have provided invaluable feedback to help me further this craft!
— J. Hempel - www.topoftheheapreviews.com
18 requests for review copies in under 24 hours! Audiobook Boom is the most effective promotional tool for audiobooks bar none!
Steven Jay Cohen
As an avid audiobook fan who listens to over 100 books per year, Audiobook Boom has helped me discover new historical romance authors. Thank you!
— LilMissMolly
Audiobook Boom is the very best! I get to read audiobooks in my favorite genres and try new ones for free! Excellent opportunity to hear unfamiliar audio performers, as well. Reviewing on Audible/Amazon/Goodreads is easy.
— J. Tangen
Love Audiobook Boom! I’ve been introduced to authors and narrators I probably would never have noticed in the past. Made it VERY easy to step out of my comfort zone.
— Kenna Murdock
I’ve always gotten great response from Audiobook Boom. This is a fantastic venue for getting the word out about new books!
— Kevin Clay
Love that Audiobook Boom is available for authors and narrators so they can promote their audiobooks. I got several request to listen and review my audiobook the first day and several a few days later. I found new listeners who were happy with the audiobook and went on to get my other audiobooks. These listeners even begin to follow me on my social media pages waiting to see what comes up next with my writing and audiobooks. They even messaged me to tell me how awesome the narrator for my unique stories are, and loved that my stories are different. This makes Audiobook Boom is incredible because it promotes and gets listeners to find one another.
— T R Lykins
Audiobook Boom is the first email I open on Tuesday morning as I cannot wait to see what new listens I may find AND they are FREE or deeply discounted!
— Debbie, Maine